Reptiles and Amphibians
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Wilderness Haven Helps Reptiles Also
Over the years, Wilderness Haven has taken in a number of reptiles and amphibians, with various injuries. Some were hit by cars, others mauled by predators. We would like to share some of our patients.
This is Violet, a wild painted turtle. She was hit by a car and her shell badly cracked. The white patch near her head is bone cement used by the vet to repair her shell.

This is a wild wood turtle, a protected species in
New York State. She had her right front foot bitten off, probably by a raccoon. On arrival, the wound was full of maggots but after careful cleaning and months of care, she healed fully. She was released the following Spring, at the location where she was found.

This is a wild painted turtle hit by a car. Note the
repair at the back of his shell. He eventually
healed and was released.

Painted turtle run over by a car in Fall 2015. In addition to the crack at the back of his shell, he lost the lower half of his right rear leg.
This is a wild Eastern Box Turtle that was found walking down the middle of a major expressway here in NY. He was uninjured but was brought in since the finder feared he would get killed. He is now an educational animal here at Wilderness Haven.

This is a DeKay's northern brown snake that was found half frozen on a patio in November. Since
he was uninjured, Wilderness Haven wintered him over and released him in the Spring.

American toad admitted with severe damage to his left rear leg, cause unknown. Due to necrosis, the lower portion of the leg was removed surgically by a wildlife veterinarian. He did well after surgery and was eventually released.