Want to Help Wildlife?
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Wilderness Haven is a not-for-profit organization that is able to help wildlife due in part to people like you. If you would like to donate, there are several ways you can do so.
Wilderness Haven Wish List
Here are some of the things we use frequently that need to be replaced constantly.
Heating pads (not the automatic turn off type)
Kitten flea spray/powder
Plastic garbage bags--33 gallon size
Heavy duty LARGE trash bags
Plain white paper towels
Large sheets of plastic/or rolls
Small brooms with dustpans
Butterfly/fishing nets
Jar baby food-- sweet potatoes and applesauce
Ziplock storage bags, large & small
Newspapers (no inserts/ads please)
Bungee cords
Ensure Nutritional supplement
New 2X2's, 2X4's and plywood
Dry cat food (not kitten)-Whiskas brand
Plastic tubs with handle lock
Large sheets of plastic needlepoint canvas
Flannel sheets
Empty shoeboxes

Larger items:

Mesh playpens or port-a-cribs (may be used, in good condition)
Plastic tarps

You can also help wildlife by donating Gift Cards to places such as:

Clyde's Feed
Tractor Supply Store
If you choose to donate by check, please make checks out to: Wilderness Haven Wildlife, c/o Constance Maue

You can mail your contribution to:

Wilderness Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
5073 Stewart Parkway
Hamburg, NY  14075