Baby squirrels
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These baby squirrels are only hours old. They were born while their mother was under care for corneal abrasions.

Baby Squirrels



Gray squirrels have two breeding seasons per year, with baby squirrels born from January to February and from July to October. Litter size ranges from 1 to 6, with 3 being an average litter. 


Baby squirrels are born totally furless, with eyes and ears sealed. They are  helpless and need total care from mother squirrel. They are dependent on her for warmth and nourishment.

Baby squirrels grow quickly and often double their weight in the first week. By two to three weeks, fur appears on their heads and backs and the lower incisor teeth emerge.

At approximately four to five weeks, their eyes open and the ears are up from the head and unsealed. at this point, fur begins to grow rapidly and the upper incisors erupt.

Molars are cut at approximately six to seven weeks and the baby squirrels begin to eat solid food at this point. The squirrels also begin to explore outside the nest at this age. Mother squirrel will begin weaning the babies as soon as they begin eating solid food.

By the age of eight or nine weeks, baby squirrels have attained half their adult size and are fully furred. By nine weeks they are usually fully weaned and eating independently.

Usually baby squirrels are on their own by the age of 11-12 weeks, although siblings may stick together for awhile after they leave the nest.

Baby squirrels will reach sexual maturity at around 12-16 months of age.



This little guy is about 2-3 weeks old.

These 2 sleepy looking fellows are about 5 weeks old.

These fellows are almost ready for release. They are fully weaned and eating a variety of seeds, nuts and fruits, similar to what they would find in nature.